With just a smartphone
depostis and withdrawals
are possible anywhere!

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E-counter refers to the locations
where it is possible for users to deposit and/or withdraw from their Eternal Wallet.

Using E-counter, by being able to immediately cash out the balance within the user's wallet on the spot, users can easily obtain local currencies when on overseas trips or vacations.

Even without holding a bank account or third-party wallet, anyone is welcome to start use of Eternal Wallet.

E-counter search

E-counters, mainly focused around Asia, can be found in various locations around the globe, plentifully!
From the vast choices, users can easily find an E-counter to suit their needs.

Search nearby

Users can search for nearby E-counters from your current location.
Even in unfamiliar surroundings such as overseas, the convenience of the function allows users to safely find the location immediately!


In addition to frequently used E-counters,
by bookmarking E-counters at your destination,
you can easily find them on the day!

Easy deposits and withdrawals

By synchronizing with Eternal Wallet,
deposits and withdrawals
from the chosen E-counter
can be made with the touch of a button!

Start a Business
with E-counter

E-counter is the new form of a sharing economy.
Anyone can start, even without a room to rent or a car to drive!

Creating an account

From the account page, tap the
"Register for
E-counter" button, and
create an account.

Enter the required fields

Enter all the required fields aligned with the account
type you have selected.

Regarding account types
In the case you have a
storefront or plan to do
business in a specified
place, select

Confirm registered details

Please confirm your entered details.
If there are no mistakes, by tapping the
"Register for
E-counter" button, registration
is complete.

To correct the entered
details, this can be
via the "Change
Details" button.

Creating your Eternal Wallet

To send and receive cryptocurrency,
an Eternal
Wallet is required.
Please create an account via the link below.

Please enter your E-mail
address and create a
password, then tap the
checkbox agreeing to
Terms and
Conditions, and after that
tap the
"Sign up" button.

Eneter the verification code

Upon tapping the "Get Code" button,
an E-mail containing the verification code
(8-digit number) will be sent to the E-mail address
you entered.
Enter the received
verification code
and tap the
"Sign up" button.

Setting your country of residence

Select the country you currently reside in,
and upon tapping "Sign up", registration
shall be complete.

How-to's of
E-counter business

What happens when a user who wants to change their fiat currency within Eternal Wallet into cash arrives?
Using the "Transfer" function in Eternal Wallet, have the user send the fiat currency they hold in their Eternal Wallet to your own. Things will go smoothly if you have the user read the QR code that is displayed in the "Receive" section of Transfer in your wallet.
Once you have confirmed the receival of the fiat currency, pay the user the cash minus the commission fees you normally charge.
What happens when a user who wants to deposit cash into their Eternal Wallet arrives?
①When you have sufficient fiat currency within your own Eternal Wallet
After accepting the cash from the user, use the "Transfer - Send" function in your Eternal Wallet and send the user the deposit amount minus the commission fees you would normally charge.
*Upon using "Transfer - Send", a fee of approximately 5cents (USD) is incurred.

②When you do not have sufficient fiat currency within you own Eternal Wallet
Select from one of the following methods to prepare the fiat currency required.
・Using the "Deposit - Fiat" function in Eternal Wallet, deposit cash into the specified bank account.
・Using the "Deposit - Crypto" function in Eternal Wallet, deposit cryptocurrency such as BTC and use the Trade function to exchange into fiat currency.
・Use another E-counter.
*In the case of a bank deposit, it may take up to 2 to 3 days for the fiat currency to be reflected in your Eternal Wallet.

Once the fiat currency has been prepared, follow the same steps as ①.
Are there any limits on operating hours and/or commission fees?
Fees can be set anywhere between 1~10%. Opening hours can be set up to one's convenience.
Experience Now!

*This is a Web App designed to be used on a browser. It will be convenient to add to your home screen.
*An Eternal Wallet account will be necessary for use of the deposit and withdrawal services.