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The biggest benefit of using Eternal Wallet's overseas remmitance
service is that the amount received is bigger compared to any other service.

Remittance rate:
TTM rate + 0.5% of the remittance amount

With other companies, there is a substantial spread between the TTS (Buy) and TTB (Sell)rates, leading to a large loss in the amount actually remitted. However, our company provides the smallest spread in the world between the TTS and TTB rates, meaning that the user can take advantage and send money more profitably than anywhere else.

Remittance fees:
Approximately 5 cents (U.S.)

This is the only fee required from you when remitting overseas.

Outstanding Speed and Affordability!
No. 1 Anywhere!

With Eternal Wallet, the world's most affordable overseas remittance is possible!
Actively expanding available regions!
*As of Jan. 2022, only USDT⇔PHP is supported.

Remittance Speed:

  • Commercial Bank (Average)2 to 5 days
  • Rival competitors (Average)On-the-day to 3 days
  • Eternal Wallet1 to 3 seconds

Remittance Received:

Commercial Bank

Rival competitors

Eternal Wallet

To start using ETERNAL WALLET, first, you will begin with depositing into your Eternal Wallet account.

For payments from other Eternal Wallets, no deposits are needed.

Free RegistrationFree Registration

We are actively expanding operating locations.


Get more value on your
overseas vacation with the
best rates on currency exchange.

Cash-in/Cash-out using your Eternal Wallet
can be done from your closest E-counter.


These are some of the questions we receive from many users.

What is the upper limit for each remittance?

Varying on the country of which you are a resident of, the upper limit is approximately $1000.

How long will it take to remit?

It will take approximately 3 seconds. If after several minutes the procedure is not completed, please contact us.

From and to what hours can you conduct remittance?

You can use the service anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year.

What fees are incurred in receiving remittance?

There are no fees incurred when receiving remittance through Eternal Wallet.

Are there any other fees?

On using each service, fees may be incurred by our partnered companies, which will be clearly displayed.

Will the service be safe to use without knowledge of cryptocurrencies, etc.?

If you are with the intent to use Eternal Wallet for overseas remittance, prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies is unnecessary.

In the case you don′t have a bank account?

Even without a bank account, you can deposit and withdraw from and into a E-counter near you.

What does the "Trade" function do?

Users can buy and sell with the provided currency pairs.

What does the "Lending" function do?

Users can lend out TTT into the system. To those users who lent out TTT, Eternal Wallet will periodically return a set amount of interest on those loans.

What does the "Exchange" function do?

Users can exchange between fiat currencies.

What does the "Balance" function do?

Users can confirm their balance of each currency (both fiat and crypto)

What does the "Deposit" function do?

Users can make an application to deposit funds into their Eternal Wallet.

What does the "Withdrawal" function do?

Users can make an application to withdraw their respective assets from their Eternal Wallet.

What does the "Transfer" function do?

Users can send or receive each currency to and from other Eternal Wallets.

What does the "History" function do?

Users can confirm the records of each function within their Eternal Wallet.

What does the "Account" function do?

Users can confirm and modify their registered details within Eternal Wallet.