Eternal Wallet
Demo Campaign!

Get 1 TTT by making a 10% profit through trading!
Top 100 winners will receive 10000 TTT each!
Giveaway of 2 million TTT! Approx. $2 million!
(As of Dec. 24th, 2020)

Contest Outlines

Monday Jan. 11th, 11:11 AM to Wednesday Feb. 10th, 12:00 PM, 2021(all UTC time)
Participation fee
Limit on participants
1 million contestants
Prize ①
At the end of the contest, the top 100 contestants with the highest profits will be rewarded with 10,000 TTT each!
Prize ②
At the end of the contest, users who have successfully raised their total balance by 10% will be given 1 TTT each!

(※1 TTT = 0.908971$ (Rates are current as of Dec. 24th.))


How do I participate in the Demo Campaign of Eternal Wallet?

You can participate in the campaign by clicking the top of the Campaign Page or the "Participate in Campaign" button below, then on the Demo Wallet sign-up page, set up your E-mail address and password, and you're good to participate in the campaign.

How to get started?

Upon opening an account in your Demo Eternal Wallet, your account will be supplied with either virtual PHP or VND fiat currencies. Then you are free to start trading using these fiat currencies.

Details regarding the Campaign.

At the end of the campaign (Feb.10th 2021, 12:00 UTC), if the balance within your account has raised to 110% of the initial amount supplied, you can earn 1 TTT!
Moreover, for all who participated in the campaign, the top 100 winners who managed to increase their balance will receive 10000 TTT each!

Is there any upper limit of the participants?

We will cap the participants at 1 million.

Are all functions available in this Demo Version?

Due to this being a trading competition, some functions (sending function, BTC trading, etc.) will be turned off.

When can I participate?

The campaign will be held throughout Jan. 11th, 2021, 11:11 UTC, to Feb. 10th, 2021 12:00 UTC.

How to receive the prize TTT:

After the conclusion of the campaign, when you open an Eternal Wallet account set to launch on Feb. 20th, we will distribute the earned TTT to your respective account.

What is Lending?

This is a function where when lending out TTT within Eternal Wallet’s Pool, the user can receive dividends.
※Please note that users can only lend out to the Pool of the nation they first selected when signing up.

What is the DOT feature?

Every week, to users who hold TTT within their Eternal Wallets, a partial amount of the fees incurred from transactions will be distributed accordingly to the amount they hold.
※As for Distribution of Dividends, this will be a feature applied only when Eternal Wallet has officially opened. Therefore, during the campaign period dividends will not be incurred.

Is Eternal Wallet really the cheapest way to conduct overseas remittance?

Eternal Wallet is indeed the world’s cheapest wallet to exchange fiat currencies.
Moreover, after exchanging the currency and sending between Eternal Wallets, the fees are a nominal 5 U.S. cents per transaction, making it the cheapest overseas remittance globally.