ERC 20 Listing Application as ( XET )Eternal Token

One of the features of Eternal Coin is that the Eternal Coin can be tradeable only at authorized exchanges. The fact of that has the following advantages:

• Our worldwide common wallet has unified different currencies into one wallet (Multi Currencies Wallet).
• The data is traceable if encountered cyber hacking issues.
• Value division of the currency via number of decimal points.
• Distribution of transaction fee as dividends.
• Payment settlement via fiat currency.
• Transfer via phone number.

However, in countries where without authorized exchanges, there is a disadvantage where the user can’t purchase Eternal Coins.

Therefore, we decided to issue the Eternal Token (XET) and have it listed in each country authorized exchange as a mechanism to indirectly buy and sell Eternal Coin for countries without Eternal Coin authorized exchange.

200 million XET will be issued which is same as Eternal Coin (XEC). The token is developed based on and compliant with ERC20.
XEC and XET can be mutually exchange with each other with exchange ratio 1:1, and the exchange will be performable via Token Hub, Philippine Exchange.

※ To purchase XET, user is required to open an external wallet such as " My Ether Wallet " and etc.
XET " CANNOT " be stored in Eternal Wallet. Functions and other detail instructions will be published on the website in coming future.
※ To exchange XET to XEC, user is required to open Eternal Wallet.

April 20th - Publish of White Paper.
April 30th - Initial listing for worldwide exchanges.
May 10th - Start exchange between XEC to XET and vice versa
※For Japan users, the trading will be supported after Eternal Live business is resumed.