World’s Lowest Overseas Remittance Service Simulator Is now AVAILABLE!

In traditional overseas remittances, there are limits to offering it at a low cost if the transaction is performed thru banks. However, it is proven where overseas remittance through cryptocurrency will cause the problem of value loss due to the spread issues when people purchase the cryptocurrency with fiat currency and selling it from cryptocurrency to fiat currency after the remittance is made.

Thus, Atom Solutions has developed the system logic to solve the problem in traditional overseas remittance, and it is said that the revolutionary invention has transformed the decades of overseas remittance histories.

The logic and ideas that invented under the purpose of providing overseas remittance services at equivalent rate and very low cost in the world could be achieved only when all the points such as Arbitrage / Dividends / Loan Interest Rate / Authorized Exchange System / P2P / Eternal Wallet / Pool Logic, and etc., are connected one to each other.

Please refer to our white paper for more details.

In addition, the service is scheduled to be launched on 1st March, 2019. User may try the System Simulator in Atom Solutions’ official site.

White Paper
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