New Year Greetings

First of all, we want to express our utmost gratitude to our supporters for being a big part of our greatest improvements back in year 2018.
This year, we have set our goals in completing our Point Application and VR business.

However, in terms of our cryptocurrency business, in order to achieve one of our goals which is providing a genuinely useful cyptocurrency and wallet, our Equivalent Value Overseas Remittance (EVOR) System is scheduled to launch on March.
We believe that the EVOR system will change the history of overseas remittance. We are very confident that any user who sends their money with our service, will be impressed by the low-cost and equivalent value features. Once we obtain a good satisfaction rate from our wallet users, undoubtedly, our service will expand and spread in great momentum.

In addition, users will be soon able to pay their utility bills through Eternal Wallet in the Philippines after the EVOR service started. Once the Eternal Wallet service started using by users all over the world through overseas remittance and payment settlement, the occurred transaction fees will be distributed as bonus to Eternal Coin holders. Meantime, the mentioned mechanism will keep the Eternal Coin circulating and increase the liquidity in the market.

In year 2019, we are aiming to expand Eternal Wallet service over 10 countries and achieve top 10th ranking on CoinMarketCap.