Demo Trade Contest Announcement

From Jan. 11th UTC 11:11 AM, 2021, to celebrate the start of our crypto asset management platform service “Eternal Wallet”, we will be launching a Demo Trade Contest.
For participants who meet the contest requirements within the period, and to those who reach the top 100 in trading performance, we will distribute 200,000,000 yen’s worth of the cryptocurrency “The Transfer Token” (hereinafter referred to TTT) as a giveaway.

With traditional overseas remittance methods, there exists many issues:
 - Due to the significant costs of exchange spread added to the sending rate, the received amount ultimately decreases;
 - Various fees such as the exchange fees, intermediary bank fees, etc. are incurred;
 - At longest, it can take up to several days for transactions to be processed

Due to these issues, there falls a significant financial burden on the users of traditional overseas remittance.
To solve these issues, Eternal Wallet brainstormed and developed a new system with the following objectives:
 - Minimize the exchange spread, and increase the received amount compared to our rivals;
 - Fees per transaction are just 5 U.S. cents;
 - Processing the transaction is done within a matter of seconds

Through this, by combining a multitude of functions and ideas, we have succeeded in realizing a world-beating overseas remittance service of higher value and more convenient than any other in the world.
Anyone is free to participate in the contest, free of charge. Due to rules and limitations, some functions (such as Transfers, etc.) will be kept locked, but participants will be able to use the Exchange, Lending, and most importantly the Trading function.

We welcome all to take part in this contest and in part experience the appeals and various functions of Eternal Wallet, along with the chance to gain cryptocurrency.

Contest Outlines:  −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−

Period : Monday Jan. 11th, 11:11 AM to Wednesday Feb. 10th, 12:00 PM, 2021 (all UTC time)
Participation fee : Free
Prize No.1 : At the end of the contest, the top 100 contestants with the highest profits will be rewarded with 10,000 TTT each.
Prize No.2 : At the end of the contest, users who have successfully raised their total balance by 10% will be given 1 TTT each. (※1 TTT = 0.908971$ (Rates are current as of Dec. 24th.))
For more details on the contest, please view the website below : Click here
※Residents of Japan are not eligible to participate in this campaign.