Marking the End of our Demo Trading Contest

The Demo Trading Contest initiated from January 11th, has been concluded today at 12:00 PM.

These are figures for the time being, but during this campaign we received participation of 5,740 individuals across the globe. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest.

Reviewing the Demo Trading Contest, first looking at the trade statistics, the rise in TTT’s value against Philippine Peso was 41.628%, while the increase in value against Vietnam Dong was 37.408%. In terms of Lending, the estimated yield of Philippine Peso was 150.581%, while Vietnam Dong’s estimated yield was an impressive 1,104.055%.

During the competition, we observed various methods by individuals, from those aiming to gain from trading, those who aimed to gain from lending, and those who combined the two methods. Through this Demo Campaign, it would be of our greatest pleasure if the participants have experienced and enjoyed the many features, facets, and promises of Eternal Wallet.

Regarding the results of the Contest, we will tally up the results and determine the individuals eligible for prizes. In processing the balance data, we will include unfulfilled limit orders in trading as well as Lending cases that have not been cancelled. During this process, we will also address corrections required in fixing the bugs and malfunctions that arose during this demonstrational period, which will require us to prolong the launching of the official debut of Eternal Wallet. We apologize deeply for the extended wait, but humbly ask for your understanding given the circumstances.

In other news, we will be notifying the top 100-ranking users eligible for the 10,000 TTT prize before the official launch of Eternal Wallet, so please stay excited!
Finally, we would like to send a big thanks to those who participated in this round of our Demo Trading Campaign! We truly appreciate all your devotion and involvement!

※We will not be sending specific notifications etc. regarding those eligible for receiving the 1 TTT prize.
※We will not be responding to individual queries, E-mails, or other forms of contact regarding the ranking/results of the Demo Trading Contest.