Regarding the migration of The Transfer Token (hereinafter referred to as TTT) to a DeFi token protocol.

On this occasion, we would like to announce the migration of our issued token, TTT, to a DeFi protocol.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) refers to the various financial services offered on the blockchain.

Sine DeFi does not have a point of centralized power such as banks and stock companies, it has the benefit of being able to conduct trades swiftly and safely. This distinction from traditional finance systems has drawn much attention in recent years.

With this swap to DeFi, we aim to achieve an increase in security for TTT, as well as preventing misconduct and/or data manipulation by specific operators or third-party attackers, creating a high level of transparency.

With this, we expect the safety and convenience of TTT and Eternal Wallet to improve greatly, and that this will lead to even more users enjoying or services with peace of mind. We humbly ask for your continued anticipation and an even greater level of support in our, Atom Solutions’, future endeavors.

In addition, we have also updated our Whitepaper referring to TTT, so for further details please view here: