Regarding the new listing of TTT (The Transfer Token) on LATOKEN.

We are pleased to announce that on May 24th, 2021, the cryptocurrency token TTT (The Transfer Token), issued by our company, shall be newly listed on the cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN.
With this, the trading pair of “TTT/USDT”is set to be opened for trading.

LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Estonia.
With LATOKEN, every week tradable cryptocurrencies and trading pairs are added, and as of today the number spans to a significant number of over 320 pairs.
Also, the exchange is constantly embracing new ventures, for instance introducing LADEX, a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) aimed at servicing DeFi tokens, as well as launching LACHAIN for the security token market and/or HFT (High- Frequency Trades) for DEXes.
In the IEO (Initial Coin Offering) sector, from 2017 onwards the exchange has the reputation of launching over 160 projects through its program, earning it the high accolades of being the world’s largest IEO market by Cryptocurrency/Blockchain inspection firm InWara.
With these features in mind, it can be said that LATOKEN is not bound by the stereotypical norms of the industry and continues to be heavily involved in and achieving new ideas and concepts. It can be seen that the company culture is highly entrepreneurial and abundant with vibrance.

Upon this listing on LATOKEN, we expect TTT’s liquidity to further expand, and consequently lead to the rise in token price for the asset.
We urge you to wait with anticipation regarding the rollout of Atom Solutions’ future operations, as well as ask for your continued encouragement and support.