Regarding the release of the Korean version of our website.

Today, on May 14th, 2021, we have newly unveiled the Korean edition of our website.
Currently Atom Solutions has English, Japanese, and Chinese translations of its website, and with this reveal of the Korean version it has been optimized for four languages.
It is said that the number of Korean-speakers rank at 12th in the world, positioning it as a language with many speakers even from a global perspective. Furthermore, the penetration rate of cashless payments is almost 100%, putting it at the front of the world. With unprecedented growth in the FinTech sector, it has garnered much attention from the world.
By releasing this Korean version, we strongly believe this will lead to the increased convenience of the website in a timely manner to broadcast our goals to the world’s markets.

In the coming future, to attract more users to the benefits of Atom Solutions, our website will be configured to incorporate multinational qualities, as well as improve and strengthen our appeal.

The Korean edition of the site can be viewed here:
*The site can also be viewed in Korean by selecting the “KO” option on the upper right of the website.

Furthermore, for inquiries in Korean, please send your message to the E-mail address below:
E-mail address :