Announcement of Official Eternal Wallet Service Start Date

In regard to the cryptocurrency trading and overseas remittance platform “Eternal Wallet”, we are pleased to announce that services will commence from January 11th, 2022.
Eternal Wallet is an entirely new wallet service that provides the various features below:
・When exchanging between fiat currencies, the received amount from the exchange is the world’s highest;
・During remittance use between Eternal Wallets, the fee is only 5 cents (USD) per transaction;
・The process of remittance between Eternal Wallets only takes around 3 seconds on average.
On startup, the currency pairings we shall provide are TTT/BTC, TTT/PHP, TTT/USDT.
We expect to increase the number of accepted currencies, so please stay tuned for the further expansion in the future of our ever-evolving Eternal Wallet.
To note, with the commence of these services, the operating head of Eternal Wallet will become Eternal Wallet PH Holdings.
For those who already possess an account, there is no need for any further procedures. Users can continue to access their wallets as normal, so there is no need for concern.
We look forward to your continued enthusiasm and support of Eternal Wallet, and we will strive to meet all of our users’ expectations.