The Eternal Project is an undertaking for rapid spread of Eternal Wallet and Eternal Coin around the world,
by utilizing the skills and infrastructures of global corporations and individuals.

Project Merits

Today`s Fintech and virtual currency industries demand various elements like convenience, trust, UI design, and security etc.

Atom Solutions is aware of its limitations concerning the rapid spread Eternal Coin and Eternal Wallet globally.

Through Eternal Project, Atom Solutions can accelerate the speed at which the use of Eternal Coin and Eternal Wallet spreads globally, by utilizing the strengths and infrastructures of various corporations and individuals from around the world, and can also enhance the UI design of the wallet rapidly and progressively.

Benefits for project participants

If you have an area of expertise, infrastructure, idea, or ability to take action that could contribute to the Eternal Project, you can file an application to participate in the project. If the application is approved, you will receive the number of Eternal Coins decided during appointment, upon the completion of the project.
There is no special condition such as special qualifications or company size etc., to file application for this project,.
For example, if you are adept at designing wallet UIs and transaction screens, have expertise in security, competent at producing videos or confident about operating an exchange in an effective manner, or have any other strength, you can apply to participate in the project.
As the Eternal Coin community is a world that is jointly built by people from all over the world, Atom Solutions believes it would not be able to enhance the value of the Eternal Coins single handed but with support and cooperation from people participating in the official exchange operations and the Eternal Project.

*While project reviews are conducted by Atom Solutions at the moment, future reviews will be performed by the Eternal Wallet users through a voting process from the FY 2019 onwards.



This project’s objective is to solve the problem of overwhelmed point cards collected in the wallet with just a mobile application. This project also benefits between the users and the point issuers/givers while spreading the usability of Eternal Coin.



The objective is to expand and spread the brand awareness of Eternal Coin in the Philippines by distributing 1000 pieces of T-shirts with Eternal Coin logo printed in any city. The event organizer is required to create a Facebook event page and allow users who received the T-shirt to hashtag or post the photos on the mentioned event page to boost the advertising effect. Atom Solutions will evaluate the result through the Facebook event page.


This project is to re-design the top page of Atom Solutions to make it better and user-friendly.

Design Atom Solutions Homepage