Back OfficeHere at Atom Solutions, we incorporate an easygoing working environment for everyone including housewives, double-income partners, single mothers.
Performance is properly recognized and reflected in salary.
We encourage all workers in honing the skills and experience and exploring new work genres!

Recruitment details

Place of Employment 5F Sei Bi Do Bldg, 2-31-16, Eitai Kouto-Ku, Tokyo
Job Description Back Office
Employment Contract Able to choose between part-time and full-time employee
Qualifications We do not discriminate on age, educational background
First timers to the industry are welcome!
Hourly wages 1,000~ yen per hour
Raises Taken into consideration every month
Operating hours 9:00~19:00
Working hours Please feel free to choose which hours you would like to work from the above operating hours.

In-company system

  • Reduced hours, leaving early, late shifts are all OK! (Childcare hours taken into consideration)
  • 1 hour break time (Free to take lunch break anywhere between 12:00~14:00)
  • Commuting fees covered (Upper limit 20,000 yen)
  • Registration as full-time employee available
  • Various insurances guaranteed
  • Raises available (taken into consideration every month)
  • Bonus available (Once per year/based on performance)
  • Periodical health inspection (Once per year)
  • Days off in the summer, year-end/beginning, and paid days off

Employee A31-year-old female, first year of employment

“Currently I am a single mother of two children, and what becomes troublesome when raising children and working at the same time on your own is the incidents that come out of the blue.
There are times when you cannot put aside work, your children falling ill, or school functions. In those emergencies, Atom Solutions has the back-up system to deal with these sudden absences.
I work from 9:00 to 17:00, and after leaving work I have the time to do household chores or spend time with my family, and my personal life is enriched.
After putting the children to sleep I have time to study, and more than anything, in taking the roles of both work and raising children I felt an inconvenience both physically and managing my schedule. However, in working at Atom Solutions I no longer have to choose between work and childcare. They enabled me to manage both, and I truly appreciate that.
The company itself is actively supports women in the workforce, and even as a single mother I am able to gain experience as a full-time employee, and came to feel great joy in working while I am accumulating my skillset.
For those in doubts about finding a place to work that fits your lifestyle, please try coming to Atom Solutions.
It is a company that actively encourages women with the ambition to work.
For those looking to enhance their careers, those who want to improve on their skills, those who have a gap in their resume due to pregnancy and birth, those who wish to revitalize their career, there are employees in the generation of child-raising, giving you support and encouragement.
We will support your uncertainties regarding both your work and personal life.
Wouldn’t you like to be a wonderful female role model balancing both work and raising a child?
Here at Atom Solutions, we aim to be a company that actively encourages women to persevere and challenge themselves in both work and raising a family, regardless of their backgrounds.