Overseas Business DepartmentA chance to explore the globe, spreading Eternal Wallet.

About us

Our company, Atom Solutions Co., Ltd., is a FinTech company conducting cryptocurrency development operations and related consultation endeavors.
Currently we have developed in The Philippines, and we have the goal to further expand our reach across the globe.
We are recruiting individuals who can problem-solve with us in a highly-advanced industry, accelerating towards and across the globe.

Our Mission

To spread across the globe our primary product, “Eternal Wallet”, and provide overseas remittance at the world’s most affordable rates.
By delivering innovative financial infrastructure and services to each country, we aim to increase the smiles of people around the world, and enlighten upon “a new financial system”.

The benefits of working with us

・Great freedom is given when making decisions, and we provide an environment where anyone can raise their hand and have an opinion.
・When a question arises, ask anyone and they’ll freely answer, supporting you until you gain independence.
・Since the problem solver is directly awarded and recognized, you will be able to gain problem-solving skills.

Ideal Candidate

From this year on, we are planning to further accelerate our expansion of Eternal Wallet.
For this, we are looking for individuals who have overseas experience, language skills and are driven.
Specifically, individuals who:
・Independently find problems, and rises up to solve them
・Can speak and communicate on a semi-professional level of English and Japanese
・Are skilled in sales and are highly communicative
・Have knowledge in cryptocurrency, blockchain, the finance industry or is willing to learn about it

Recruitment details

Place of Employment 5F Sei Bi Do Bldg, 2-31-16, Eitai Kouto-Ku, Tokyo
Job Description Overseas Business Department
Employment Contract Full-time Employee
Salary 3,000,000 yen ~12,000,000yen per year
Raise Salary raises will be taken into consideration every month.
Working Hours 9:00~18:00 (May alter if/when on a overseas business trip)
5 day working week (Sat., Sun. off)

In-company System

  • Various insurances guaranteed
  • Raises available (taken into consideration every month)
  • Bonus available (Once per year/based on performance)
  • Periodical health inspection (Once per year)
  • Days off in the summer, year-end/beginning, and paid days off
  • Commuting fees covered (Upper limit 20,000 yen)
  • 1 hour break time (Free to take lunch break anywhere between 12:00~14:00)