What would it be like to travel anywhere in the world in real time while still being at home? How would it feel to become a professional singer in a virtual world?
To create such amazing world, Atom Solutions is constantly seeking new partner companies.

・Atom Solutions has filed a patent application of fee charging system for VR live broadcast.
・Atom Solutions has jointly filed this patent with Nihon Brain Ware Co.



This patent is a system that would enable live broadcasting of events by content distributors and interested people can view the broadcast in VR and will be charged accordingly.

The contents distributors will be able to generate revenue by streaming beautiful images of deserts, a night sky filed with stars, oceans, auroras, and other attractive sceneries.
In addition, the contents distributors could broadcast realistic images of war zones and refugees to financially aid the people living in such areas.
The fusion of ever-expanding and idea-driven VR contents, such as drone-shot images and underwater tours with dolphins, and the real-time fee charging mechanism could possibly become a new mode of virtual travel in the near future.

We soon might be able to go on a space tour or land on the moon using VR.

For contents as described above, it is crucial to have both micropayment and cross-border payment schemes.
The patent applications that we have currently filed, not only covers fee-charging and payment using virtual currency, but will also enable to settle payments made with electronic money and company-specific reward points.

The interested companies can contact us by sending an inquiry.