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About Eternal Token (XET)

XET refers to a token that can be exchanged with Eternal Coin (XEC) at 1:10 ratio.

Eternal Coin (XEC) can be traded and acquired via authorized exchanges ONLY which leads to the disadvantage that XEC can’t be acquired via ANY unauthorized exchanges throughout the world.

Therefore, Eternal Token (XET) is developed to be listed and tradable with various currencies on global exchanges.

The issuance between two compatible virtual currencies is a new form of virtual currency to solve the disadvantage of XEC and other currencies with similar situation.

Issuer Atom Solutions Atom Solutions
Conversion Exchange Authorized Exchange : Hong Kong・Korea・Philippines Global Exchanges in Countries
Total Supply 2 Billion units 200 Million units
Advantages ・Fiat Currency Exchange・Transfer via Phone Number・Value Division System・Weekly Dividends Distribution.
・Guaranteed from Cyber Hacking and Unauthorized Wallet Access.
・Tradable with Various Currencies on Global Exchanges.
Disadvantages ・Tradable with Eternal Coin ONLY. ・Eternal Wallet functions cannot be used.
・No guarantee from cyber security like hacking or stolen password.
Issuer Atom Solutions
Conversion Exchange Authorized Exchange : Hong Kong・Korea・Philippines
Total Supply 2 Billion units
Advantages ・Fiat Currency Exchange・Transfer via Phone Number・Value Division System・Weekly Dividends Distribution.
・Guaranteed from Cyber Hacking and Unauthorized Wallet Access.
Disadvantages ・Tradable with Eternal Coin ONLY.
Issuer Atom Solutions
Conversion Exchange Global Exchanges in Countries
Total Supply 200 Million units
Advantages ・Tradable with Various Currencies on Global Exchanges.
Disadvantages ・Eternal Wallet functions cannot be used.
・No guarantee from cyber security like hacking or stolen password.

Third-party Evaluation

Our XET Project and Smart Contract are evaluated as having a high credibility
and proven secured by third-party organizations.

XET Tradable Exchange

XET is tradable via the exchanges below.
Atom Solutions will continue to get XET listed on different exchanges to increase the value of XET and keeping XET circulated on the market

XET ⇔ XEC Conversion


For conversion between Eternal Coin (XEC) and Eternal Token (XET), please visit to the URL below.

※In addition, for Japan users, trading or transacting XEC/JPY is not yet available until further notice.



Fujino Hiroyuki has over 10 years experiences of leading industry expertise in founding and co-founding numerous companies in domestic and international marketplaces.

Fujino Hiroyuki

Chief Executive Officer

Hayashi Hirokazu is highly acclaimed with records of excellence in all areas of Finance and Fund Management supported by strength in sales marketing, PR and BD.

Hayashi Hirokazu

Chief Financial Officer

An experienced director of overseas business development with demonstrated history of working in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Clement S.J

Head of Partnership
Business Development

Graduated from Tokyo University of Science with master degree majored in Engineering Management. 5 years experience in Mobile app development industry and specializing in developing Internet applications based real-time interaction system.

Kimura Shun

Chief Technology Officer

An organized and creative professional with proven marketing skills and over years experiences in brand design coordinator for a diverse variety of organization and clients.

Saito Rie

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced in overall corporate governance and strategy, business development of international markets, and overseeing global investment and incubation programs.

Yanaka Hiroki

Chief Strategy Officer

Accomplished creative professional with a proven track record in all aspects of the end-to-end creative process ranging from conceptualizing to execution.

Isobe Misaki

Graphic and UI Designer

Dynamic leader with extensive experience in R&D, Product Development, Engineering and proven track record in jump-starting product development.

Carl Vincent
Pagaunsan Olmo

Senior Developer

Experienced BD Associate who is strong at utilizing current trends to develop sales projections. Adept at developing effective spreadsheets creating engaging presentations.


Business Development

Versatile, hands-on technical leader who enhances global market presence for leading software corporations, with extensive expertise in scalable, single-solution development for diverse customer needs.

Susuta Kazu

Deputy Chief
Technology Officer


A former International Market Managing Director of Eternal Link Japan, now the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eternal Wallet PH Holdings Inc.

Maria Barcelona

CEO of Eternal Wallet PH

He graduated from Notre Dame University of Cotabato City with a degree of Computer Engineering.
He started working in the BPO industry in 2007. After 5 years, he started working online at home as an educator and an adviser.

Rahmir R. Ortuoste

CAO of Eternal Wallet PH

She oversees a company’s business operations and reports to the CEO. Ensures the company has effective operational and financial procedures in place.

Grace Anne
Marie Barcelona

COO of Eternal Wallet PH

Arven Jay Abelo is responsible for maintaining and improving the performance of the existing software to ensure its functionality, optimization and recommend improvements to existing software programs.

Arven Jay Abelo

IT Software Developer

In charge of developing computer applications that allow users to perform specific tasks on computers or other devices. He also develops or customizes existing systems that run devices or control networks.

John Riggo

IT Software Developer

He has qualifications in project management, sales, and customer relations with excellent communication and administrative skills to effectively work both invidually and part of a team.

Lee Mondido

Marketing Associate

John Emerson Buenviaje has 5 years experience in web & graphic designing. Graduated BSIT (Bachelor of Science in Information & Technology) major in Multimedia.

John Emerson

Graphic Designer

He monitors expenditures, revenue, and use of company resources to ensure businesses operate within the budget and responsible for internal auditing, analyzing and submitting accounting reports.

Thanie J. Manial Jr

Accounting Office

She manages the financial resources of the company to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of its operation. She creates financial and regulatory reports to the management and other stakeholders.

Mary Anne C.

Accounting Office

She is responsible for ensuring the established standard of quality including reliability and usability of specific IT project. She holds a degree of Bachelor of science in information technology from University of Mindanao.

Aika S. Parondo

IT Quality
Assurance Offcer


Attorney of Takechi & Partners, Member of the Tokyo Bar Association.

Shimizu Masahiro

Legal Advisor

Head of Human Resource Practitioner and Mindanao Trustee of People Management Association of the Philippines.

Reynaldo V.Garote

Head of Human Resource