Send money worldwide at the
Lowest Cost and Fastest Speed!

With Eternal Wallet, you can send money
without using a bank at Anytime, Anywhere.

TOPICSWe are planning to start exchange service for this year.


Eternal Wallet provides the Fastest and Highest Receivable Amount ever in Remittance Services.

Our remittance rate is +0.5% from interbank Transfer Middle Rate (TTM).

Available Countries
  • Philippines
  • Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan

Eternal Wallet expansion targeting 10 countries in 2018.
Overseas remittance using Eternal Wallet will not be going through bank but P2P transaction between Eternal Wallet users.


Over 40000 Eternal Wallet Users +

* Refers to Eternal Wallet registration number.

We have achieved our goals in providing overseas remittance at world fastest and lowest cost through our unique features, functions, technologies and ideas.

* Pending Patents

  • XEC
  • XET
  • Blockchain
  • Authorized Exchange System
  • DOT
  • Transfer via Phone Number
  • Pool Wallet
  • XEC Lending Feature
  • Arbitrage
  • Multi Currency Wallet
  • 7 Pending Patents
  • ELook App
  • Economy Sharing

Bank account is not required to send or receive the money.





We are empowered by Eternal Group around the world.