What is the difference between Eternal Coin (XEC) and Eternal Token (XET)?

Issuer Atom Solutions Atom Solutions
Conversion Exchange Authorized Exchange:Hong Kong-Korea-Philippines-Taiwan Global Exchanges in Countries
Total Supply 2 Billion units 200 million units
Advantages - Fiat Currency Exchange-
- Transfer via Phone Number
- Value Division System
- Weekly Dividends Distribution
- Guaranteed from Cyber Hacking and Unauthorized Wallet Access
- Tradable with Various Currencies on Global Exchanges.
Disadvantages - Tradable with Eternal Coin ONLY. - Eternal Wallet functions cannot be used.
- No guarantee from cyber security like hacking or stolen password

What are the features of Eternal Wallet?

The biggest feature of Eternal Wallet is that you can exchange Fiat currencies of each country for a very low transaction fee.

Which countries can send money with Eternal Wallet?

Currently, remittances are possible between Korea, Hong Kong and the Philippines, but in the future we will expand countries that can remit money to Asia and Africa

What is an official exchange?

What is Eternal Coin official Exchange?
・Eternal Coin official Exchange refers to the authorized exchanges where Eternal Coin is tradable.
・There is only 1 Official Exchange in each country and the Official Exchange is not allowed to trade with other cryptocurrencies.
・Since the Official Exchange is tradable only with Eternal Coin, the team will focus more on applying their resources and manpower to build the infrastructures and apply marketing strategies to Eternal Coin and Eternal Wallet.

What is the features of XEC?

・About 5 cents of transaction fee will be charged when making overseas remittances using Eternal Wallet or buying and selling eternal coins.
・50% of the fee is distributed once a week to wallet users of eternal coins.
・The biggest feature of eternal coin is that the fee will be distributed to all wallet users of eternal coins, so long as there are users, the eternal coin will never become worthless.

How much is XEC's dividend?

The dividend, when holding an eternal coin is about 8% in one year.

Where can I buy XEC?

Eternal coins can be purchased if they are in the following countries with official exchanges.
Eternal Korea
Eternal Philippine (Tokenhub )
Eternal Hong Kong
If you are a resident in a country without an official exchange, you can exchange with an eternal coin XET on the following exchanges and you can exchange with an eternal coin at Token Hub.

What is the features of XET?

Since XET can be purchased and sold in a virtual currency exchange all over the world, it is also possible to exchange to various virtual currencies via exchanges, so you can exchange XET for bitcoins. It is possible to purchase XET from Ethereum.

Where can I buy XET?

Currently you can purchase at the following exchanges.
There are three exchanges that can trade XET now, but we will continue to increase the number of exchanges that can trade XET, so convenience and liquidity will increase in the future.

What company is Atom Solutions?

In 2010 it was founded as an IT service and FinTech company. After that, we will issue and develop virtual currency from 2015, Currently we are issuing Eternal coins and Eternal tokens. In addition, consultancy work of the virtual currency started from this fiscal year.