How will you maintain the exclusivity of your services among the many corporations in the industry?

Our company has applied for a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) with (※each OR various) countries, so our company’s overseas remittance logic is protected by Intellectual Property Rights.

What is the difference between Eternal Wallet and EVOR?

EVOR makes possible the world’s most low-cost overseas remittance and highest value received upon foreign currency exchange, and also allows payments to partnered companies. Eternal Wallet, adding to the features of EVOR, allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and lending of our officially issued cryptocurrency, The Transfer Token (TTT).

How can we becomes partners?

For those who wish to become partner, first, please contact us via our E-mail. Then we will proceed to co-signing an NDA, integration of systems, etc. and detailed talks regarding the pricing of fees, etc. However, please be aware that partnership talks may not be possible upon evaluation of your business, certain laws and regulations among nations, or in the case the nation already has a corporation with an exclusive contract within the country.

We want to learn more about your VR (Virtual Reality) plans.

At our company, we have already filed for a patent that allows users to pay with electronic cash or cryptocurrency during live VR viewing. Companies interested in conducting business using our patent should contact us with details.

What languages can your business attend to with?

We can offer support in Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese and Malay.

What are your future plans?

Regarding our overseas remittance services, we are scheduled to start services in The Philippines and Vietnam by Fall 2021, and expand services into 10 countries within the year. Furthermore, by utilizing our strength of providing the world’s lowest-cost currency exchange, we aim to provide social lending services across borders, and introduce Advanced Salary Payment Services this Fall.