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This page shows our Fin-Tech related Patents obtained and the latest progress.
We will keep our efforts on protecting and utilizing our intellectual properties in future developments.

Obtained Patents

Patent No: 6457360

When overseas remittance is performed using cryptocurrency, generally, user is required to
purchase the cryptocurrency in fiat money, send the purchased cryptocurrency to the overseas
receiver and the receiver will then need to convert the received cryptocurrency into fiat money.
Under this patent, we compressed all the actions into One-Touch only.

Patent No: 6431458

A percentage of the transaction fee generated from buying and selling of cryptocurrency
and the use of wallet at the crypto exchange will be returned as a rebate to the cryptocurrency
holder. As one of the problems of general cryptocurrencies is that lacking of the actual value.
However, this patent is contributing in creating the actual value to the cryptocurrency.

Patent No: 6431462

The patent refers to the value division of the cryptocurrency. As one of the problems
of the general cryptocurrencies is that user is encountering the problem in calculating
the unit during payment settlement when the market price increased to a higher range.
This patent prevents the happening of such as 0.00001 unit by dividing the value of
cryptocurrency once its price arises.

Patents Pending

Application No: PCT / JP2018 / 036710

The logic that achieved in providing the world's lowest cost in overseas remittance
via our unique wallet system and cryptocurrency.

Application No: 2017-059164

This patent refers to the billing system for live broadcasting via VR and animation.
The era of VR's live broadcasting is coming in the near future. When it is broadcasting across the
borders, it is predictable that the payment will mostly be by electronic money and cryptocurrency.

Application No: 2017-059163

This patent refers to transferring cryptocurrency via phone number.
Generally, user is required to input lengthy wallet address during the transfer. In order to prevent
from identity fraud and erroneous input, we changed the lengthy wallet address into phone number.


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