Announcement: Korea Official Exchange

This is to announce that we have officially changed the management company of Eternal Coin Korea Exchange.

As one of the requirements in managing as Eternal Coin official exchange, a candidate must achieve the minimum requirement volume of wallet registrations. However, the previous company failed to accomplish the target volume which leads to the termination of our contract with them. In addition, this is to announce that Eternal Korea will be managed under new company as below:

Company Representative: Shion Yu

Message from the representative
This is Yu Shion, CEO of Korea’s Official Exchange, Eternal Korea.
Nowadays, the development of digital technology has entered into a stable period where blockchain technology, virtual currency, and AI (artificial intelligence) have become the center of the 4th industrial revolution.
Eternal Korea has playing its role as intermediary and supporter to allow the global virtual currency, Eternal Coin to be tradable in Korea.
Eternal Coin (XEC) is developed and operated by Atom Solutions Co., Ltd and linked with ERC 20 based Eternal Token (XET).
In addition, Eternal Coin (XET) is the only virtual currency in the world with a safety eco-system through official exchanges throughout the world.
In typical virtual currency trading, there are various risks including hacking and etc. However, those risks are avoidable through trading and management of Eternal Coin (XEC) under its official exchanges mechanism.
Moreover, XEC is now tradable at more places after ERC 20 based Eternal Token (XET) has been developed to link with XEC.
Eternal Korea exchange takes advantages from non-centralized and centralized wallet platform in order to provide overseas remittance service at a quicker, easier, safer and extremely low-cost.
Eternal Korea’s mission is to provide the most convenient and secured financial services to the world in welcoming the incoming financial revolution.
Based on the past history, we have foreseen the future, the great opportunity belongs to those who prepared and acting one step faster.
Together with Eternal Coin Group, why don’t you grab this opportunity and move forward on this 4th financial and blockchain revolution?

CEO of Eternal Korea Corp. Shion Yu