Acquirement of TTT by PGW Estonia OÜ

We are excited to announce that 3% of The Transfer Token (TTT) has been procured by PGW Estonia OÜ, Estonia. The company specializes in cryptocurrency investments and has been continuing its funding operations since launching in 2018.

As of its many features, it professes in analyzing whitepapers and the firms before funding medium to long-term in potential cryptocurrencies.

As to TTT holders, rest-assured that the TTT procured by PGW Estonia OÜ will be subject to 3-year lockup conditions, meaning the holding asset will not be sold immediately, which might result in a price drop.

Meantime, we will strive to do better constantly to improve TTT's brand value and meet each and every holder's expectation.

Reference: PGW Estonia OÜ
[Fund-Operating PGW Estonia OÜ Inc. Announces Acquisition of 3% of The Transfer Token, a Japanese Cryptocurrency.]

On this occasion, we, PGW Estonia OÜ Inc. would like to report that we have acquired 3% of the total issued amount of The Transfer Token (TTT), a cryptocurrency token issued by the Japanese FinTech company Atom Solutions Co., Ltd.
As for the reasons resulting in the decision made, upon investigating and examining the logic behind the Eternal Wallet that Atom Solutions is currently developing, we concluded that it was a highly innovative product and is set to revolutionize the world of overseas remittance. Compared with current overseas remittance methods, the business model has great potential and awareness of how the future will take place, including having related patents. We strongly believe that the project has potential in overtaking XRP and SWIFT.

What is Eternal Wallet?
Eternal Wallet is an online-based digital wallet that allows its users to conduct currency exchange at the lowest fees available in the industry.
By utilizing the foreign currency exchange function, it makes possible to send currency anywhere across the globe in a matter of seconds, with minimal fees. This means it delivers the highest-received amount when conducting overseas remittance.
Overseas Remittance Logic:

As Bitcoin brought together existing various ideas and combined them with their individual logic to create a massive influence on the world around us, we are confident that Atom Solutions Eternal Wallet will generate a similar impact in the FinTech industry in the coming years.

Company Overview:
Trade Name:PGW Estonia OÜ
Address:Narva mnt 5 Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn Harju maakond 10117