Our Eternal Wallet Demo Campaign has been featured on various media outlets!

We have reached the 10th day since we launched our Demo Trade Contest to celebrate the starting of services of Eternal Wallet!

We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without your continuous support and encouragement. We send a great thanks to all who are participating and trading!
Still, there is time to start now, as the campaign runs until February 10th! We await the participation of additional users to experience Eternal Wallet and its features!

With this campaign, we have had users and participants from various countries, and the number wildly exceeded our expectations.
Due to this, during peak hours and times, access to the website may be compromised and difficult to maintain the connection.

We deeply apologize for this issue, and in the case access to the site is proving troublesome, we ask you to we ask you to wait some time before attempting to access again.

Below, we are enthused to share the various publications we have been featured on!

South Korean website:

Chinese websites:

English websites:
And posted on over 200 more!