Web DesignerThis position is to cater to creating intuitive controls for
wallet systems and user interfaces for trading screens.

Here at Atom Solutions, we are actively recruiting UI/UX designers.
The Eternal Wallet provided by our company, is required to consistently strive and improve to be “An UI convenient form the user’s viewpoint”, on a day-to-day basis.
The job description would not only be designing the wallet but designing of various items such as content and apps related to the wallet.
Our company is aiming for “A wallet that can be used around the world”.
Would you be interested in designing the most advanced, sophisticated designs in the FinTech sector, set to play a major role in the coming future?

Salary and working conditions will be decided by experience and skills, so for details please contact us through the link below.

Recruitment details

Place of Employment 5F Sei Bi Do Bldg, 2-31-16, Eitai Kouto-Ku, Tokyo
Job Description Web Designer
Employment Contract Full-time employee
Part-time employee
※2-month trial period. No changes in conditions during trial period.
Salary We will take skills, experience, and accomplishments into consideration, and though it will be post-interview, we will cater to your requirements better than rivaling corporations.
Full-time employees: 250,000 yen/monthly and above
Part-time employees: 1,200 yen/hourly and above
Employee Benefits Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Employment Insurance, Accident Compensation Insurance guaranteed
Commuting Expenses Paid
Visa Acquisition Support
Working Hours Flextime (Basic Working Hours: 8 hours)
Core Hours 10:00~16:00
Open to Work-from-Home 1 day a week
Holidays, Days Off Complete 2-day (Sat., Sun.,) off Policy
Holidays, Golden Week, Summer, Year end/beginning, Special Leave guaranteed
120 days-off Yearly
Required Skills Individuals with the ability to use Photoshop, Illustrator (We will ask for a portfolio to be submitted upon application)
Experience with designing Web-based homepages
Experience and knowledge in UI/UX
※The below items are not mandatory
HTML/CSS coding based on design data
Structuring WordPress items so that a client can update by themselves
Updating and protecting an existing website/attending to
Individuals with the knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript (jQuery is also accepted)/WordPress
Desired Attributes Individuals who share the vision our company is built on
Individuals who ar interested in and are well-versed in the cryptocurrency industry
Individuals who can communicate and connect well with other departments
Individuals who are able to see through the viewpoint of users
※Below is for applicants
Individuals who want to challenge themselves not only in design operations, but also in marketing opportunities
Individuals who would like to try out content operations
Nature of Work Updating and improving upon our company's HP, and suggesting design renovations
Design proposals keeping in mind UI/UX of smartphone Apps
Proposals for advertising pages and banner designs
Editing of images
※Operations will not be progressed individually, and will work together with the production team
Work Tools Mac OS/Windows OS (selectable)
Design tools: llustrator, Photoshop, XD
Communications tool: Slack