Announcement of the start of the new service, “E-Counter”.

On this occasion, Atom Solutions will commence the distribution of the deposit-and-withdrawal App, “E-Counter”.
E-counter are locations where it is possible to make deposits into and withdrawals from Eternal Wallet.
By using this App, users will be able to search for E-Counters closest to their current location, making it convenient to use for deposits and withdrawals even for a quick trip out, and on overseas vacations and business trips.
E-Counter will of course be simple for anyone to register for. Moreover, users will be able to compare multiple deposit-and-withdrawal locations based on factors such as commission fees and such within the App. It is configured to be as convenient to the user as possible.
The scheduled starting date for the App is the same as the launch date for Eternal Wallet.

We are adamantly sure that the commencing of our “E-Counter” services will further increase the convenience and functionality of Eternal Wallet, as well as encourage a massive hike in the price of The Transfer Token (TTT).
We look forward to your greater anticipation of what Atom Solutions is achieving, and ask for your continued support and encouragement.

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