Announcement of the bonding of a MOU with Singaporean FinTech startup Bholdus

On Oct. 10th, 2021, we have officially conducted the signing of an MOU with Singaporean FinTech startup Bholdus.
Here at Atom Solutions Co., Ltd. (herenafter referred to as Atom Solutions), we are experimenting with various partnerships with international institutions and companies to further enhance the functionalities of Eternal Wallet. This time, the MOU signed was with Bholdus, a Singaporean startup company focused on and developing DeFi Apps and a Multi-chain Platform specializing in NFT.
Through this platform, especially from the financial perspective of things, Bholdus is aiming for the acceleration and efficiency of transactions and their respective costs between the physical world and the digital world.
As Atom Solutions’ company mission is to “Provide instant overseas remittance as well as reduce costs to a minimum”, it is a company vision that we deeply empathize with, and with the synergy of various components such as technological input, we strongly believe that this will lead to the greater convenience of Eternal Wallet users.
We humbly ask for your continued support and enthusiasm for Atom Solutions’ future business ventures.

Bholdus Website: